Chiropractic Health

SantaCruzChiropractor-HarveyMarkovitzKeeping fit is a large portion of the chiropractic lifestyle which I work on with each patient. Whether it’s strength, flexibility or balance we all need to be in shape to stay healthy and active.

Since muscles can weigh up to 80% of the weight of your body they and are a major factor in keeping your spine in alignment and you pain free. The largest muscle groups in the body are the thighs and legs. Using these muscles as in walking, swimming, running, and biking increases cardiovascular function, thereby toning the heart as well.

chiropractor-santa-cruzBut whether it is your neck, shoulders, back, knees, or any other part of the body, I work to personalize a program for you. If you have a personal fitness trainer I will assist in designing a plan to meet your needs.

If you are interested in starting your journey towards wellness, please call my office to schedule an appointment.

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